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image2 Kurilian bobtail
(or Kuril shorttail cat, also Kuril Island Bobtail, sometimes also spelled Kurilean Bobtail) is a natural breed which originated and and for a long time lived in isolation on the Kuril Islands in the easternmost part of Russia.

In spite of his wild appearance Kurilian bobtai has a very severe personality, he's very sociable, affectionate and cuddly. The presence of other cats or dogs is not a problem for him, in the wild bobtails live and hunt in packs. This is a smart and inquisitive breed, that loves water - they like to dive and fish. In flats and houses they test their hunting instincts on flies, mosquitoes and other small animals. Kurilian bobtail is very attentive and intelligent, it quickly learns to perceive commands, however, like any other cat, obeys only if it finds it appropriate.

Males typically weighs 5-6 kg, females 3-4 kg. There is not only shorthair type of breed (KBS), but also longhair (KBL) option. The breed was recognized by FIFe only in 2002. It is characterized by good health and no requiries of special care.

Our news

Finally we have a new litter consist of two kitten.
We are waiting new kittens aproximatelly at 15 of April.
Arcas delivered to Great Britain for breeding. We have no available kittens at this time.
Arnie found the new homes in Poland
Kitten Arcas with Ulovka took place in International Exhibiotion in Prague in Diplomat hotel.
Kitten Arcas with his Mom Vjuga took place in International Exhibiotion in Prague in Top Hotel. Arcas was nominated to BIS. Vjuga give the second CACIB.
Arina, Aron a Arsen found the new homes in Hungary and Austria.
Finally a first litter of our V'juga is on the world[More]
We were at the vet, and SONO argue that we have in the belly of at least 3 pieces. But are not excluded 4[More]
On her last show in Prague V'juga got the last CAC required for the title CH

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Pompon Islands, CZ

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