Litter A.

kurilian bobtail Harley and Vjuga  This is our first bitrh, the kittens appered to the world on May 19, 2015 around 10 o'clock in the morning. The parents are:
father SC Harley Aksarah Bhutani, CZ KBL ns pedigree
mother CH EE*V'juga Barrayar KBL fs 02 21 pedigree

There are 5 kitten, 4 boys and 1 girl. Three of the kittens are similar to mother (harlequin bicolour) and the 2 are smoky black -one with turtle, white and orange and the other black and white.

kurilian bobtail Arina kurilian bobtail Arina We present to you the first tricolor turtle, named Arina. It is the star of the first bitrh. click on the photo to enlarge. KBL fs 03

find new home in Hungary, breed
kurilský bobtail Aron kurilský bobtail Aron First boy, Aron. Also very interesting coloration. This one could be after the father,just the belly is white. KBL ns 03 24

find new home in Austria, pet
kurilský bobtail Arcas kurilský bobtail Arcas And here is one of the three white boys, Arcas. The boys are so similar that we still distinguish them only by tails. Arcas's tail is popped out back and straight. KBL ds 02

find new home in United Kingdom, breed
kurilský bobtail Arnie kurilský bobtail Arnie Next of white boys, Arnie. Arnie inherited tail from his mother, pointing upwards forward KBL ds 02

kurilský bobtail Arsen kurilský bobtail Arsen And the last of white boys, Arsen. Arsen's tail points to the side. KBL ds 02

find new home in Austria, pet
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Second week of life           Third week of life        Fourth week of life-Aron.
Fifth week of life-Aron.      Second month of life

Kittens weight.

Name 19-MAY-2015 25-MAY-2015 29-MAY-2015 02-JUN-2015 05-JUN-2015 9-JUN-2015 12-JUN-2015
Arina 80 176 236 284 324 370 400
Aron 87 202 258 304 340 370 408
Arcas 89 208 268 320 356 404 446
Arnie 87 204 242 296 342 384 422
Arsen 79 172 224 272 314 358 384

Our news

Finally we have a new litter consist of two kitten.
We are waiting new kittens aproximatelly at 15 of April.
Arcas delivered to Great Britain for breeding. We have no available kittens at this time.
Arnie found the new homes in Poland
Kitten Arcas with Ulovka took place in International Exhibiotion in Prague in Diplomat hotel.
Kitten Arcas with his Mom Vjuga took place in International Exhibiotion in Prague in Top Hotel. Arcas was nominated to BIS. Vjuga give the second CACIB.
Arina, Aron a Arsen found the new homes in Hungary and Austria.
Finally a first litter of our V'juga is on the world[More]
We were at the vet, and SONO argue that we have in the belly of at least 3 pieces. But are not excluded 4[More]
On her last show in Prague V'juga got the last CAC required for the title CH

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Pompon Islands, CZ

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